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Behind the Beans

Information about Las Brumas from our Producers:

Aldo Parducci is a 5th-generation coffee producer dedicated to producing quality-oriented coffees in a sustainable manner.

Finca Las Brumas is named for the fog that billows over the coffee trees in the afternoons. A humid breeze rolls up from the Pacific ocean, over the mountains and interacts with the warmth on the farm, creating a picturesque fog. Aldo is focused on producing high-quality coffees in an ecologically-sound way. All coffee in Las Brumas is shade-grown, what makes the cherries mature slowly and allows the beans to develop sugars and gain complexity while providing a home for numerous species of animals and plants. “And while yes, the yield may be less than that of plantations that are fully sun grown the idea of clearing out entire forests for the sake of growing coffee in all honesty is quite abhorrent to me. Lower yields, I think, are a trade-off we are willing to live with for the sake of maintaining our immediate ecosystems”, says Aldo. Managing shade can be quite tricky though. Too much shade results in a dark and damp environment perfect for the spreading of leaf-rust, a dangerous fungus that can damage both the yield and quality of the coffee. And as Pacamara is not a particularly resistant varietal, trimming and pruning are a never ending job at Las Brumas as well as many other local farms.”


ORIGIN: El Salvador

REGION: Cordillera del Balsamo

VARIETY: Bourbon & Catimor



FOB (per kg): 7,70€//kg

PROJECT/ TRADER: Aldo Parducci


ROASTER: Communal Coffee