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Behind the Beans

Information about La Paz, Marcala from our Producers:

Located in the very middle of Central America, Honduras is a country that shows off with its natural beauty. In the Western part of the country, the famous coffee region Marcala is located. It is also one of the poorest states in the country where there are high rates of malnutrition and poverty. People are highly dependent on coffee and agriculture. Cooperative RAOS is based in the department La Paz where many producers are contributing to this coffee. All producers are organic certified and organized to ensure maximum traceability of their coffees.

The surrounding farms are spread over 7 small towns with the cooperative headquarters situated in the town of Marcala. In the 90s, a wave of organic farming spread throughout this region and with support of local institutions, training and knowledge exchanges, farmers were supported in converting their farms to organic production. In 1996, 19 local farmers came together to explore ways to live in harmony with nature. RAOS was the first cooperative in Honduras to export organic coffee.
As pioneers of organic production, they have been able to use sustainable farming, processing and export of coffee to improve the lives of the people in coffee communities. Their members mainly belong to the Lenca indigenous group.

This region is also known for its production of potatoes, onions, wheat, cattle and milk. Nevertheless, we can observe a strong dependence of family income on coffee growing. Usually, Nariño coffees are well paid due to the high demand from international roasters and its high quality. The incomes are rather good for the families and many of them diversify their agricultural productions. The small size of their farms allows them to easily reduce production costs to get a good profit per harvest season.

ORIGIN: Honduras

REGION: La Paz, Marcala

VARIETY: Catuai, Bourbon, Typica, Lempira


HARVEST: 2019/2020

FOB (per kg): 3.90 eur

PROJECT/ TRADER: Cooperative Regional Mixta de Agricultores Orgánicos de La Sierra Ltda


ROASTER: Bonanza Coffee Roasters


EXTRACTION: Filter & Cold Brew

TASTE NOTES: Caramel Shortbread & Raisins