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Behind the Beans

Information about our Producers

This coffee comes from the Andrade family’s farm Fazenda Capim Branco in the high, green Cerrado Mineiro in the north of Minas Gerais state, on the border with Bahia State. The estate has been in the Andrade family for over a century and is one of the oldest coffee farms in Minas Gerais. Nowadays, it is managed by brothers Ismael and Eduardo. Following in their ancestors’ footsteps, the brothers have a deep respect for nature. The farm has well-defined seasons, elevation between 1100-1250m, balanced rain, and the perfect terroir for producing coffee; for all this, the brothers feel truly blessed and strive to preserve the surrounding nature as best as possible. The Andrade family’s attentive husbandry and warm tropical climate produce uniform blossoming and maturation on their Yellow Catuai trees. Thus creating excellent conditions for producing this natural process coffee. Fazenda Capim Branco was the Andrade family’s first farm; however, since the 1970s, the family has been very active in establishing new farms so as to expand their cultivation area, all aligned with their mission of producing coffee of the very highest quality. Combined with the natural conditions of the region, meticulous crop management, forward-thinking crop planning, and post-harvest selection, the final result from all Andrade family farms is excellent and award-winning quality.  The brothers have also started their own exporting company to “keep their coffee home as long as possible”. This means they have total control of the coffee and can form their own direct relationships with customers.

ORIGIN: Brazil

REGION: Minas Gerais

VARIETY: Yellow Catuai



FOB (per kg): 5,80€/kg



ROASTER: Communal Coffee

ROAST PROFILE: Italian inspired Dark Roast


TASTE NOTES: Dried Figs, Chocolate & roasted Nuts