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Behind the Beans

Information about Jinotega from our Producers:

Las Nubes coffee is gathered from the smallest screen size beans from a small community of 20 farmers. The lots are still processed separately to ensure proper traceability and this specific one comes from Mr Montolla Perez.

In a foggy rainforest with rich climatic conditions, you can find several of the most productive haciendas in the country. The name Las Nubes comes from the beautiful views that the clouds make around the tops of the mountains and over the farms of this region. Las Nubes is made up of coffee from 20 hardworking producers, located in the Cordillera Isabelia, just 45 km away from the department of Jinotega between this department and the department of Matagalpa. This cordillera is one of the first regions that started with large productions of coffee and most of the farmers there still conserve traditional production techniques.

Las Nubes beans represent the smaller screens from the specialty coffee production and a big portion of the farmers whole production. By being able to sell even the smallest screen sizes to the specialty coffee markets the whole productivity of the farm grows thus bettering the economic sustainability of the whole farmer community.

This region is also known for its production of potatoes, onions, wheat, cattle and milk. Nevertheless, we can observe a strong dependence of family income on coffee growing. Usually, Nariño coffees are well paid due to the high demand from international roasters and its high quality. The incomes are rather good for the families and many of them diversify their agricultural productions. The small size of their farms allows them to easily reduce production costs to get a good profit per harvest season.

ORIGIN: Nicaragua

REGION: JInotega

VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai & Bourbon


HARVEST: 2020/2021

FOB (per kg): 4.13 eur

PROJECT/ TRADER: Caravela Coffee


ROASTER: Populus Coffee

ROAST PROFILE: Italian Roast

EXTRACTION: Espresso Machine

TASTE NOTES: Papaya, Caramel, Cantaloupe, Milk chocolate