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Behind the Beans

Information from our Producers:

Genet Seifu is the woman behind this coffee. She cultivates the varieties74110, 74140, and 74145 on her 100-hectare farm under forest cover. Genet employs 14 full-time employees on its farm and up to 200 during the peak of the harvest. Women have a vital role in the specialty coffee, strong involvement in the farms, and represent more than 70% of the labor in the fields, the harvest, the sorting of the beans, etc. However, only 10% are entrepreneurs, and only 20% are landowners (including co-ownership with their spouses). Increasing the income of women producers has a direct and positive impact on the education of children and the comfort of the home. The Limmu Kossa terroir is located in the Oromo region, about 80 km north of the city of Jimma, within the appellation of the same name. This natural coffee is collected in a forest of various ancient species. Here, coffee growing contributes to the maintenance of the forest area, and the richness of the soils and the environment of this region gives this coffee its specificity. It is prepared in the station of the Dabessa brothers, who have developed their coffee activity for ten years and now sell their production internationally.

ORIGIN: Ethiopia

REGION: Limmu Kossa

VARIETY: Heirloom 74110, 74140, 74145



FOB (per kg): 6.18$/kg



ROASTER: Communal Coffee


EXTRACTION: Espresso Machine, Cold Brew & Filter

TASTE NOTES: Stone fruits, cacao, strawberry, vanilla