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Behind the Beans

Ombligo de Luna Projekt was born in 2020 as a social start up based in Mexico, which seeks to create a more conscious community around the production, processing and commercialization of coffee, as well as to incentivize a more conscious consumption.
We believe that with transparency and traceability people will have the opportunity to see what is exactly happening with the coffee they are consuming and the direct effects that this consumption has.
Our role is that of the exporter; on one hand, we organize everything necessary to process and  move the coffee, and deliver it to port for shipment. And on the other hand, we carry out development projects directly applied in the producing community, focused on the improvement of coffee quality and more important, quality of livelihood.

Jhonatan Bañuelos, founder of Ombligo de Luna and the one in charge of bringing you the delicious coffee that the producers of the Rincón Toningo cooperative grow with so much effort and love, as well as the person in charge of carrying out the development projects in the producer community.
My grandfather Martin was a farmer, he worked with coffee for most of his life, however, he never had the opportunity to own land for its cultivation. Like my father in his childhood, they were both coffee pickers in a small town in the coffee growing mountains of Veracruz, called Tomatlan My father, Tobias, decided to look for new opportunities and was able to study to become a teacher, far away from the town and while studying, he met my mother, Hermi, while they were both preparing to become teachers, they fell in love, and soon after they married and started a family with three children. My older brother, Joseph and my younger sister Zaira Ketzalli.

ORIGIN: Mexico

REGION: Veracruz

VARIETY: Bourbon & Caturra



FOB (per kg): 7,5$/kg

PROJECT/ TRADER: Ombligo de Luna


ROASTER: Populus Coffee



TASTE NOTES: Juicy and floral with a gentle acidity.